I believe that people have the capacity and energy to achieve anything they really want. What is needed is a clear vision of the desire and the clarity of their target in mind. Through the coaching sessions, the individual then works on two parallel planes, simultaneously.
The first plane involves increasing the awareness on the possibilities and difficulties of the project and finding the appropriate actions and steps to achieve the goal. The second plane has to do with the discipline and accountability needed to carry out the various steps, once that raised awareness is achieved, and then set to implement the plan of action within a tight time frame, so that the whole effort is not prolonged.
Coaching meetings are essentially an educational process through which we learn ourselves better, increase our performance and creativity, and ultimately evolve by exploiting all our untapped potential in the direction we want and choose.
A basic condition for the success and accomplishment of the tool called coaching is to know what we want and desire it in a vigorous and decisive way in order to get results. It is very important for us to not only be interested in our target simply on a basic theoretical level (or a passive philosophical level) but to also desire the very experience of achievement.
Coaching is practice-oriented and relates directly to change and achieving results. It is particularly useful to people who know what they want and are willing to try hard to achieve the target no matter how high, and to people who recognize in the existence of great potential and ability within themselves, but have not yet found a clear target to which they would like to release this potential.