Coaching is a way to work on ourselves which is widely used all around the globe and starting to gain momentum also in Greece the last years. It is usually chosen by executives and energetic professionals to boost performance, strengthen their target focusing and deal successfully with especially demanding and complex projects.
It is a road of self knowledge travelled with a professional coach who has the ability to really listen and ask the right questions. Through this experience, the individual starts to consciously understand his unique potential and special character traits, and at the same time set his goals in a clear and straightforward fashion. 
At the fortnightly scheduled sessions, the individual focuses his attention on his goals, and with the help of the coach works on establishing a timeline for the most appropriate actions required.
These actions shouldn't only be effective, but they should also suit his personality. 
The feeling you have after a successful coaching session is that a switch has been turned on and all your energy is released and directed towards the right plan of action. So, just: SWITCH ON!